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Subtraction of Mixed Numbers

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Math Concepts

Consider subtracting 5 7/11 – 6 1/2 (five and 7/11 minus 6 and 1/2). Try working through the situation with paper and pencil and then think about how you might represent this problem conceptually.

In a recent exchange with some middle school teachers, this issue arose. How do you represent this situation conceptually? If students understand the meaning of subtraction and the meaning of fraction (mixed number), could they work to develop an algorithmic strategy to subtract mixed numbers? I think so! This video might show how…

Subtracting Mixed Numbers



The standard algorithm for the division of fractions is often one of the procedures that we struggle with finding a conceptual way to make sense of.

Consider this video…when the focus is on the meaning of fraction and the meaning of division, maybe students CAN make sense of the procedure!