Misunderstanding the Common Core Part VIII

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Teaching and Learning Philosophy
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There seems to be a common theme among the complaints about the Common Core Standards. Parents say, “that’s not the way I learned it…why not just do it the “old fashioned” way?”

Part of the reason is this: Because we are trying to prepare students for a new, modern world! Years ago, it was very important for people to become very accurate with paper and pencil computations. That’s just not the case anymore. Now, it is important that we take a balanced approach…a balance between computational fluency AND conceptual understanding AND the ability to apply mathematical ideas to solve real-world problems. This is exactly what the common core standards have as a major focus…a balanced approach!

Here is a question that we all should think about…how does a young learner develop computational fluency? Does it just happen magically? The following videos seek to answer the question in the context of addition algorithms, subtraction algorithms (videos made by Dr. Scott Adamson) and multiplication (video by Dr. Raj Shah).









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