Team Building Activities

At the 2011 AMATYC conference, I presented the talk: Let’s Do This Together! Encouragement, Collaboration, & Accountability (see presentation here Let’s Do This Together! Encouragement, Collaboration). Afterwards, many participants wanted access to the team building activities I referred to so this page allows you to access them. I encourage you to download the Power points and then edit them to make them more “you”! I would also like to hear back from you as to how they work in your classroom and if you come up with a good idea for a team builder then share it with all of us!

Trey Cox

P.S. I would also encourage you to read the blog posts on this website dealing with how to create collaborative teaching environments found under the Classroom Environment link on the left of the homepage.

Team Building Activities:

Who is this professor

Who is this professor answers

Pizza Aficionados

Candy Quiz

If you are not in AZ, this is one you might want to consider creating for your home state: How well do you know AZ

Hello My Name is Bob!

Name That Candy Bar

Do you know these NFL teams?

Want to be a TSA (airport) agent?

The Numbers Quiz

Let’s go on a Road Trip!

This or That?

Ever have a Bad Hair Day?

You Big Liar!

Dentist or Dungeon

Expiration Dating

Feed it or Eat It?

Keep on Truckin’!

Let’s play Doctor

Man’s Best Friends

Return to Sender

There goes the Neighborhood!




Super Bowl Commercial History Teambuilding

History of the NFL



  1. Thanks you very much about this infomation

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